Company Values

Our company must adapt to the Association.

I.A.S. understand that all properties are different. Needs and expectations by its members will vary between Associations and our staff will focus on meeting those expectations while assessing weaknesses and improving on them.

Our staff is always put in positions to succeed.

Whether it is limiting their accounts or providing the best resources, our staff will never be put in position to fail their clients. With up to date technology and administrative support at all levels, our team is able to work efficiently to provide the very best management and consultation services.

There is always room for improvement.

Becoming stagnant and failing to evolve with time can be a huge weakness. I.A.S. focuses on always approaching properties, budgets, and our administration process with open minds while finding different methods improve on them.

Education leads to confidence and progress.

Requiring our management staff to be certified by the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) not only keeps them informed on up to date changes regarding the Association management field, but also gives them a level on confidence they can use to better serve their clients.