• Manage the business affairs of the Association under the supervision of the Board.
  • Attend 12 regular Board meetings per year and one annual meeting, unless otherwise agreed between the Board and Manager.
  • Schedule, notice and coordinate Board meetings and general membership meetings in accordance with the requirements of Civil Code § 13603.05.
  • Prepare, distribute and process sale/resale documents required by law with respect to the sale, lease, or transfer of a unit.
  • Maintain a current roster of the names, addresses and telephone numbers (if available) of all owners and occupants of all properties.
  • Maintain normal office hours Monday through Friday (except holidays) for Association business and, in addition, a 24-hour emergency telephone number and answering/paging service, or as otherwise agreed with the Board.
  • Manager shall assist the Board in enforcing the Governing Documents.
  • Schedule and supervise the maintenance, repair and renovation of Association property (if applicable).
  • Maintain an inventory of Association property and document the acquisition and disposition of all such property.
  • Make periodic site inspections of the Property (see attached Exhibit A) at agreed upon intervals and prepare a written inspection report noting recommended and/or needed maintenance and repairs.


  • Manage the financial affairs of the Association under the supervision of the Board.
  • Assist the Association, its bookkeeper, certified public accountant and other financial consultants in preparing tax returns, audits and financial reviews.
  • Supervise the preparation of a pro forma operating budget as required by Civil Code § 1365.
  • Supervise the preparation of a reserve study as required by Civil Code § 1365.5.
  • Maintain complete and accurate books and records of the Association’s financial affairs in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.
  • Pay all authorized expenses of the Association from the appropriate Association account.
  • Prepare and distribute to all owners an annual payment schedule, payment coupons and payment envelopes, and shall bill owners, as appropriate, for other fees, charges and assessments levied by the Association.