Association assessment:

Do you feel like your dues are high and not sure where your money is going? Do you see a high amount of maintenance issues, poor landscaping, weak insurance coverage (if any) and need reassurance your Association is operating effectively and fair?

Irvine Association Services will assess your operating budget, reserve study, and Association maintained assets with the goal of improving your properties financial position both in the short and long term.

Our service can answer these basic questions:

  • Is your Association’s fully funded percentage at an appropriate amount?
  • Are there any assets that are being neglected or unreserved for that may cause a special assessment in the future? If so, how much is necessary to bring that reserve amount up to date?
  • Are the operating budget lines fair and competitive? Are you paying too much for landscaping, management, or contracting services?
  • Are there any preventative measures you can take to add years to your currently maintained assets that may save us thousands of dollars in the future.

All these questions and answers can help give Board members and owners reassurance that the current financial and maintenance strategy is cost effective and implemented correctly.

For a free complimentary assessment or a copy of a report issued to previous clients, please call 714-734-3370 to speak to one of our representatives.