Welcome to Irvine Association Services Inc.

We are a management company located in Orange County.

IASI management goals are to apply our management techniques to a select few associations that require:

  • 1) Excellent communications skills. Managers communication skills are second to none.
  • 2) In-house telephone reception that does not rely on digital answering services.  95% of the time, a knowledgeable person will answer and actually facilitate rapid person to person communication.
  • 3) E-mail communication second to none. IASI continuously monitors incoming E-mails and responds accordingly.
  • 4) Community visits as required. Management can suffer as a result of the restrictive one community manager visit to the community per month. Other management firms will charge for each additional visit the community manager makes apart from the one meeting and one community walk-through visits per month. On this restrictive basis, management cannot become as thoroughly knowledgeable concerning the mechanical workings of the community. Both of these aspects are absolutely necessary for top notch community management. IASI has no restrictions on visits to a community per month. IASI encourages it’s managers to thoroughly understand in all ways how particular communities operate.
  • 5) Prompt payment of vendors. IASI promotes a healthy relationship between the community and its responsible, conscientious vendors. Some management firms and their managers are knowingly lax and untimely in their vendor payments. This can effect credit ratings and as importantly effect the morale and finances of the vendor. IASI believes in a strong working relationship between the community and those service individuals that keep the community operational. Timely vendor payments ultimately reduce operating costs.





Our firm began in 1973 as Association Services as a sole proprietorship. Association Services was one of a small handful of original association (common interest development community) management firms in Orange County, CA.

Irvine Association Services, Inc. (I.A.S.I.) was set up and incorporated in 2002 by family members of the proprietors of Association Services. Irvine Association Services, Inc. assumed management responsibility of several Association Services’ communities.

I.A.S.I. has gained very deep experience managing both residential and business communities. Our experience stretches back nearly forty-five years to the beginning of community management.